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    One day,a monkey drove his car near a lake.Sudden,he saw a tiger under a tree.The tiger saw

    him,too.The tiger ran very fast at the monkey.The monkey was very afraid and he and his car fell into the lake.The monkey couldn't swim and he shouted.A rabbit came and he jumped into the lake.The rabbit swam to the monkey but did not help him.Both of them shouted for help.Luckily,a giraffe came along.He was very tall.He helped the rabbit and the monkey.

    一天, 猴子驾驶了他的汽车在湖附近, 他看见一只老虎在树下.老虎也看见了他.老虎跑向猴子.猴子非常地害怕并且他和他的汽车掉进了湖里.猴子不会 游泳并且他喊.兔子来了并且他跳入湖中. 兔子游向他但不能帮助他.Both 他们都喊救命.很幸运, 长颈鹿来了.他很高.它帮助了兔子和猴子。


    The Raven and the Swan乌鸦和天鹅

    A RAVEN saw a Swan and desired to secure for himself the same beautiful plumage. Supposing tha


    t the Swan's splendid white color arose from his washing in the water in which he swam, the Raven left the altars in the neighborhood where he picked up his living, and took up residence in the lakes and pools. But cleansing his feathers as often as he would, he could not change their color, while through want of food he perished.

    Change of habit cannot alter Nature.

    乌鸦非常羡慕天鹅洁白的羽毛。他猜想天鹅一定是经常洗澡,羽毛才变得如此洁白无 瑕。于是,他毅然离开了他赖以生存的祭坛,来到江湖边。他天天洗刷自己的羽毛,不但一 点都没洗白,反而因缺少食物饥饿而死。


    The Goat and the Goatherd 山羊与牧羊人

    A GOATHERD had sought to bring back a stray goat to his flock. He whistled and sounded his horn in vain; the straggler paid no attention to the summons. At last the Goatherd threw a stone, and breaking its horn, begged the Goat not to tell his master. The Goat replied, "Why, you silly fellow, the horn will speak though I be silent."

    Do not attempt to hide things which cannot be hid.

    很多山羊被牧羊人赶到羊圈里。有一只山羊不知在吃什么好东西,单独落在后面。牧羊 人拿起一块石头扔了过去,正巧打断了山羊的一只角。牧羊人吓得请求山羊不要告诉主人, 山羊说:“即使我不说,又怎能隐瞒下去呢?我的角已断了,这是十分明显的事实。”


    The Wolf and the Lamb 狼与小羊

    WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf's right to eat him. He thus addressed him:"Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me." "Indeed," bleated the

    Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, "I was not then born." Then said the Wolf , "You feed in my pasture." "No, good sir," replied the Lamb, "I have not yet tasted grass." Again said the Wolf, "You drink of my well." "No," exclaimed the Lamb, "I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother's milk is both food and drink to me." Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, "Well! I won't remain supperless, even though you refute every one of my imputations."

    The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

    一只小羊在河边喝水,狼见到后,便想找一个名正言顺的借口吃掉他。于是他跑到上游,恶狠狠地说小羊把河水搅浑浊了,使他喝不到清水。小羊回答说,他仅仅站在河边喝水,并且又在下游,根本不可能把上游的水搅浑。狼见此计不成,又说道:“我父亲去年被你骂过。”小羊说,那时他还没有出生。狼对他说:“不管你怎样辩解,反正我不会放过 你。”


    The Bat and the Weasels蝙蝠与黄鼠狼

    A BAT who fell upon the ground and was caught by a Weasel pleaded to be spared his life. The Weasel refused, saying that he was by nature the enemy of all birds. The Bat assured him that he was not a bird, but a mouse, and thus was set free. Shortly afterwards the Bat again fell to the ground and was caught by another Weasel, whom he likewise entreated not to eat him. The Weasel said that he had a special hostility to mice. The Bat assured him that he was not a mouse, but a bat, and thus a second time escaped.

    It is wise to turn circumstances to good account.

    蝙蝠掉落在地上,被黄鼠狼叼去,他请求饶命。黄鼠狼说绝不会放过他,自己生来痛恨鸟类。蝙蝠说他是老鼠,不是鸟,便被放了。后来蝙蝠又掉落了下来,被另一只黄鼠狼叼住,他再三请求不要吃他。这只黄鼠狼说他恨一切鼠类。蝙蝠改口说自己是鸟类,并非老 鼠,又被放了。这样,蝙蝠两次改变了自己的名字,终于死里逃生。


    The House of 1000 Mirrors


    Long ago in a small, faraway village, there was a place known as the House of 1000 Mirrors. A small, happy little dog learned of this place and decided to visit. When he arrived, he hounced happily up the stairs to the doorway of the house. He looked through the doorway with his ears lifted high and his tail wagging as fast as it could. To his great surprise, he found himself staring at 1000 other happy little dogs with their tails wagging just as fast as his. He smiled a great smile, and was answered with 1000 great smiles just as warm and firendly. As he left the House, he thought to himself, "This is a wonderful place. I will come back and visit it often."

    In this same village, another little dog, who was not quite as happy as the first one, decided to visit the house. He slowly climbed the stairs and hung his head low as he looked into the door. When he saw the 1000 unfriendly looking dogs staring back at him, he growled at them and was horrified to see 1000 little dogs growling back at him. As he left, he thought to himself, "That is a horrible place, and I will never go back there again."

    All the faces in the world are mirrors. What kind of reflections do you see in the faces of the people you meet?

    Giving the Seeding a Hand

    Long long ago, in ancient China, there lived a farmer .He was worried about his seeding growing too slowly .

    One day ,he went to the farmland and pulled up the seeding one by one .When he

    returned home ,he was very exhausted."I am tired out today,”he said to his family ,"I helped the seeding to grow."

    His son was surprised . He hurried to the fields to see what had happened .It turned out that all the seeding had shriveled up.





    The Rabbit And The Tortoise

    In the animals sports game,a rabbit and a tortoise both joined a long-distance

    race.Every other animal thought of course the winner would be the rabbit,the rabbit thought so too.When the race just began,the rabbit ran fast like a flying arrow,without minutes,disappeared in distance.However,the tortoise seemed not to move

    much.When the rabbit looked back and saw nothing,he thought the tortoise would never catch up in any case,why not sleep for a while?He did so.While the rabbit was sleeping the tortoise didn't relax any more,he move little by little,at last won the race actually.

    The Little Uglily Duck

    No one knew why there was a more egg in the ducks' nest.When other small ducks came out from eggs the one kept still.At last,an uglily little duck came out,but it

    looked rather different,with different color,different body.So other small ducks kicked him out of the team and always laught at him,calling him uglily duck.What's

    more,other animal didn't like him either,they all baited the little uglily duck.Finally the little uglily duck left his nest,strayed lonely.Once he saw the beautiful swans

    flying in the sky,how he wished that he could be that beautiful.Day after day,the little uglily grew up.Once he came to a swag to drink,what he saw in the water shocked him,who was it?It was as beautiful as the swans he had saw.Oh,it was the little uglily duck himself,actually he was a beautiful swan,he flied into the sky and joined his real friends.


    Once there lived in France a little girl named Piccola. When she was very young, her father died, and her mother was very, very poor.

    One Christmas Eve Piccola said to her mother, "Mamma, will Uncle Santa come to our house tonight?" Her mother felt very sad and shook her head.

    Before she went to bed, Piccola took off her little wooden shoes and put them on the floor near the chimney. She said to her mother, “Perhaps Uncle Santa will come.” All was white with snow outside, and it was very cold.

    In the night a little bird with a broken wing fell down the chimney and hopped into one of the shoes. Very early in the morning Piccola woke up. She jumped out of bed and ran to look into her shoes.

    There she saw the little bird in one of the shoes. She picked up the shoe and ran to show her Christmas present to her mother. She said, "Santa Claus did not forget me, Mamma."

    One day a fox said to himself ,"I am hungry.Let me see what I can find to eat ."

    The fox looked up and down for something to eat .After a moment he came to a wall .The wall was very high .The fox stopped at the bottom of the wall and looked up .At the top of the wall ,he saw some beautiful grapes .Then he started to jump up to get the grapes ,but he couldn't get them .The wall was too high for him .

    Finally the fox went away and said ,"I don't want to eat those grapes.They are green .I don't think they are good to eat."

    The Wind And The Sun

    One day the wind said to the sun, “Look at that man walking along the road. I can get his cloak off more quickly than you can.”

    有一天风对太阳说: “看看那个沿着路上走的人.我能比你更快地让他把披风脱下来。”

    “We will see about that,” said the sun. “I will let you try first.”

    “我们等着瞧吧,”太阳说, “我让你先试。”

    So the wind tried to make the man take off his cloak. He blew and blew, but the man only pulled his cloak more closely around himself.


    “I quit,” said the wind at last. “I cannot get his cloak off.” Then the sun tried. He shone as hard as he could. The man soon became hot and took off his cloak. Soon afterwards,he was so hot that he took off all his clothes and jumped into the river immediately.

    “我放弃了,”风最后说, “我无法让他把披风脱下来.”然后由太阳试试看.他尽可能地晒他.不久,那个人很热就把披风脱下来了。不久,他实在是太热了,以至于他立即脱光了衣服,跳进了河里。

    One hot summer day a fox was walking through an orchard. He stopped before a bunch of grapes. They were ripe and juicy.

    "I'm just feeling thirsty," he thought. So he backed up a few paces, got a running start, jumped up, but could not reach the grapes.



    The Thirsty Pigeon口渴的鸽子

    A PIGEON, oppressed by excessive thirst, saw a goblet of water painted on a signboard. Not supposing it to be only a picture, she flew towards it with a loud whir and unwittingly dashed against the signboard, jarring herself terribly. Having broken her wings by the blow, she fell to the ground, and was caught by one of the bystanders.

    Zeal should not outrun discretion.

    有只鸽子口渴得很难受,看见画板上画着一个水瓶,以为是真的。他立刻呼呼地猛飞过 去,



    风和太阳(The Wind And The Sun)

    One day the wind said to the sun, “Look at that man walking along the road. I can get

    his cloak off more quickly than you can.”

    “We will see about that,” said the sun. “I will let you try first.”

    So the wind tried to make the man take off his cloak. He blew and blew, but the man

    only pulled his cloak more closely around himself.

    “I give up,” said the wind at last. “I cannot get his cloak off.” Then the sun tried. He shone as hard as he could. The man soon became hot and took off his cloak. (有一天风跟太阳说: “看看那个沿着路上走的人.我可以比你快让他把披风脱下来.)

    (“我们等着看吧,”太阳说, “我让你先试.)


    (“我放弃了,”风最后说, “我无法让他把披风脱下来.”然后由太阳试试看.他尽可能地晒他.不久,


    Little Robert

    Little Robert asked his mother for two cents.

    "What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?"

    "I gave it to a poor old woman," he answered.

    "You're a good boy," said the mother proudly. "Here are two cents

    more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?"

    "She is the one who sells the candy."




    “我给了一个可怜的老太婆,”他回答说。 “你真是个好孩子,”妈妈骄傲地说。“再给你两分钱。



    Belling the cat

    long ago,there was a big cat in the house.He caught many mice while they were

    stealing food.

    One day the mice bad a meeting to talk about the way to deal with

    their common enemy.Some said this,andsome said that.

    At last a young mouse got up,and said that he had a good idea.

    “We could tie a bell around the neck of the cat.Then when he comes near,we can hear

    the sound of the bell,and run away.”

    Everyone approved of this proposal,but an old wise mouse got up and said,“That is all very well,but who will tie the bell to the cat?”The mice looked at each other,but

    nobody spoke.