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    来源:书业网 时间:2017-01-14


    Should We Celebrate Western Festivals Nowadays,western festivals become more and more popular in China, especially among us college students. But whether we should celebrate these festivals has aroused a heated discussion.

    Some regard it a precious opportunity for the Chinese to learn more about western cultures. On the other hand, more and more Chinese people view it oppositely. Since more and more young people have lost their interest in our traditional festivals, such as Mid-autumn Festival, Dragon-boat Festival, and even Spring Festival. They seem to be more willing to celebrate Christmas.

    In my opinion, every coin has two sides. Since the globalization is

    impossible to avoid this mix of cultures and traditions. We should preserve the traditional Chinese culture as well as welcome Western ones. We students undertake the responsibility to carry on our traditions, therefore, we have to respect them and cherish them.


    Second English papers

    Each nation has its own characteristic festivals that

    reflect the culture of itself.In China, asour country and

    westerncountries become increasingly closer,more and more chinese accept western culture.

    However, some western festivals sometimes even more popular than traditional festivals, foreign cultural’s influence should not be underestimated.The main The main group of celebratingwesternfestivals is youth group which takes students as the main force.People celebrate festivals such as Valentine's day, mother's day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. In fact, because of the Chinese way of thinking, western holidays in China is just popular for Christmas and Valentine's day, not all western holidays attract people's attention. According to a survey ofCentral China Normal University, many college students know the existence of western festivals, but little of them know about their cultural connotations. In addition to Christmas, respondents who knowother western festivals’meaning are less than 10%. Referring to the way to celebrating, in General, during the Festival, people send gifts such as flowers and greeting cards.They sing with friends, and

    blessor send messages to each other;lots of people are going to relax during the festival:shopping, inviting friends to restaurants, dancing, and so on. On the whole, Chinese celebrate western holidays with the following

    faith four anda characteristics: passion for universality,particularity,blind


    As the saying goes,1000 readers have 1000 Hamlets in mind. people have different viewson whether Chinese should celebrate western holidays. Some people who are keen on Western festivals, argued that China's traditional festivals are too rigidand there are many festivals with feudal thinking.On the contrary,westernfestivalswhich

    flamboyantand reflect are excitingadvocate In the freedom. addition, westernholidaysmake people who’re under heavy social pressure have a chance to relax. At the same time, some experts believe that the celebration of Western holidays are an inevitable trend of cultural exchanges. Huang Kemin, aSociologistbelieves that celebrating western holidays is aform of cultural communication.In some cases, it’ll fill vacancies inChinese culture. Some students believe that celebratingWestern festivals can enhance the friendship ofclassmates and make the classes more solidarity.Duringa

    festival, Most of the supermarkets and restaurants provide promotions that benefitconsumers, these festivals also has a catalytic role to economic development.

    Opponents believe thatChina has its own history and local culture for thousands of years, the Western Festival don’t suit China's needs for cultural development.Also, due to blind worship,people often losttraditional culture. Celebratingwestern holidayswill shake the traditional culture’sstatus in the minds of nationals and endanger the inheritance and development of traditional culture. For example, many young people celebrate Valentine's day, but they don't knowChinese Lovers’s Day. In addition,owing to the cultural invasion,many countries arewary of foreign holidays .To guarantee Chinese cultural’s independence, western holidays cann’t be allowed to develop freely. At the same time, many people celebrate Western festivals for following the fashion .The effectof cultural exchanges isn’t obvious. In addition, the blind pursuit of consumption and enjoyment causesmoney worship,hedonism and other bad ideas.

    Just my personal opinion, we should celebrate western holidays withrational thought, and we shouldn’t lose

    ourselves.Towards western Festivals, we should take its essence and discard the dregs.For instance,ThanksgivingDaycan be advocated for making our culture advance as it reflects one of Chinese traditional virtues- gratefulness; others, such as Halloween,should be treated calmly because it’s religious.

    Cultural integration is the trend of the historical

    development.So we should not implement "isolationism". Under the premise of enhancing awareness of traditional culture and revitalizing Chinese culture, we can activelyenter the world that has frequent cultural exchanges.

    Festivalsare important means of cultural transmission which host the important cultural.They’re the crystallization of human wisdom. Rich festival lights up our lives, for our life has various colors. Let us take the broad mindand appreciate the colorful festivals!


    一、 随着社会的发展,中西文化交流势不可挡,作为文化重要组成部分的节日文化的交流融合理所当然,自然而然。


    二、 对待一系列西方洋节的正确态度,应该是坚持鲁迅先生的“拿来主义”原则:运用脑髓,放出眼光,取其精华,弃其糟粕,自己来拿! 在如何继承民族文化遗产这个问题上,毛泽东同志早就指出,我们既不能全盘否定,也不能照单全收,我们要运用马列主义历史地、辩证的哲学眼光和态度,去批判的吸收。由此我认为,对待一系列西方节日的正确态度,(转 载于:wWW.cSsYq.cOM 书业网:对崇尚西方节日的看法英语作文)应该是:不盲目崇拜,不迷失自我;既不全盘西化,照单全收,也不全面否定,刀枪不入;而是取其精华,弃其糟粕!西方节日受历史宗教文化的影响,大都带有明显的宗教色彩,如万圣节、感恩节、圣诞节等,我们首先要做到尊重,其次要认真考虑是否符合我们的国情、民情,不盲目追从的同时可以与其共乐。对于那些带有一定的西方生活情趣的节日如情人节、愚人节等,它可以给我们紧张、枯燥的生活带来一定的生活情趣,注入一丝活力。而对于那些既带有西方浓郁的浪漫情调又符合我们中华民族尊老爱幼传统美德的节日


    三、 在崇尚西洋节日、热热闹闹过好洋节的同时,千万不要忘了弘扬中华民族悠久的、优秀的节日文化传统,千万不要在盲目崇拜中迷失了自我。