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    德芙爱情故事中英文对照 (800字)

    来源:书业网 时间:2015-12-28

    When the lovers send out the Dove chocolate, it means that he or she also sends out the question: DO YOU LOVE ME? If you love him or her, please let him or her know right now that you love him or her deeply and never give up

    In the spring of 1919, Princess Charlotte succeeded to the throne, and she was married to the Prince Felix at the same time.As a royal kitchen fink , Leon was busy all day cleaning up dining utensils and plates, and his hands was cracked with a lot of incision, when he's using salt water to wash the wound, a girl came up and said to him: so it must be very painful?

    The girl's influence Leon for the rest of his life--Bazaar Princess .


    Two young people are thus met.

    Because of Bazaar is just Felix Prince distant relatives and friends, so the royal family in position is very low, rare cate - ice cream, also will not turn to her to taste. So Leon slipped into the kitchen every night making ice cream for Bazaar .They are always tasting the ice cream and talking about the past,and Bazaar has taught Leon English. One set of puberty of sweet linger into the two young people's mind. However, at that time, because of the conservative force and the special situation, they did not say the love of heart , just silently buried in the bottom of their heart.


    At the beginning of the 20th century, in order to make the Luxembourg throughout European position stronger, Luxembourg and Belgium concluded alliance, in order to strengthen the relations between the two countries, royal marriage become the best way, and selected is Bazaar princess. For days, Leon could not see her, he anxiously worry about her. Finally,a month later, Bazaar appeared on the table, however, she has been thin and pallid, and looked very distressed. So when the preparation for dessert, Leon made an ice cream with hot chocolate written several English letter "DOVE" means "DO YOU LOVE ME" . He believed Bazaar could guess his mind, however Bazaar just stayed still until hot chocolate melts.

    在20世纪初,为了使卢森堡在整个欧洲的地位强大,卢森堡和比利时得出联盟,为了加强两国关系,皇室婚姻成为最好的方法,选择的是芭莎公主。一连几天,莱昂都看不见,他焦急地芭堤雅,莎莉。终于在一个月后,巴莎莉出现在桌子上,但是,她已经失去了一个圈,整个人看起来很憔悴。莱昂为了准备甜点,在芭堤雅,莎莉和热巧克力冰淇淋写几个英文字母“DOVE”是“你爱我吗”的英文缩写。他相信巴莎可以猜到他的意思,然而巴莎却只对着冰激凌发呆直到热巧克力完全融化。 After a few days, Bazaar got married.

    A year later, missing Bazaar so much,Leon left the royal kitchen and came to the

    United States a fancy restaurant. The boss was very appreciate him, and married his daughter to Leon. Although all this ,his mind can not get away from Bazaar .His wife was so angry and grieved that she left him.



    Leon since then has been single with their son managing his candy store. In 1946 , Leon saw his son going after a car selling ice cream, memories immediately burst into his mind. Since Bazaar's away, Leon had never made an ice cream. Then Leon decided to complete the research that once haven't finished for Bazaar.


    After several months of careful research, one ice cream wrapped up with chocolate appeared, and was engraved the four letters. Son naive asked Leon "DOVE" (the virtuous fu) what that means. Leon said softly: is this ice cream name.


    The ice cream soon widely spread around the couuntry. Meanwhile, Leon received a message from a working partnership in the royal kitchen with a letter Bazaar princess had sent around to ask for his informations hoping he could go to visit her, but she learned that he has gone to America. Due to the influence of the second world war, this letter has been late for a whole year and 3 days.


    Leon tried his best and got through all kinds of hardships.Finally, Leon met Bazaar.But they were all old, Bazaar was weak lying in the bed, she told him that once her went on a hunger strike to revolt the royal marriage but she was punished for a month staying in the room. she knew they could never escape the fate of this marriage, besides Leon never said love to her, nor any commitment.She finally compromised to fate, but the condition is she can go back before leaving to drink one afternoon tea, because she wanted to be there with Leon's final goodbye. She ate the chocolate ice cream he made, but did not see the letters on it.



    Hearing that, Leon cried.The past misunderstanding finally have the answer. But it's too late, three days later, Bazaar died off.

    Leon heared from Bazaar's servant that since Bazaar had got married, she didn't smile at all and became more and more weakness,konwing that he got married in the United States ,her world became a catastrophe.


    Leon was extraordinary sorrowful, if that ice cream on the hot chocolate didn't melt, if Bazaar understood his voice, then she would change her mind with his elopement. If the chocolate is solid, those words will never melt, he will not lose the last chance. Leon decided to build a solid chocolate, which can save more years.


    The unique chocolate finally was made, every piece of chocolate was firmly engraved "DOVE", in honour of Leon and Bazaar's missing love, although it is bitter and sweet, sadness and touching, it's just like the flavor of DOVE .