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    Դҵ ʱ䣺2018-12-11 06:17:55


    Rising steel and oil prices in Russia, more honest disclosure in Brazil and booming economies in China and India have fueled a spike in billionaires in the so-called BRICcountries.

    Moscow is now home to the most billionaires with 79, followed by New York with 58, Forbes said in its annual list of the world's richest people.



    ⡿е list of the world's richest people ȫ򸻺аҲForbes list of the World's Richest PeopleForbes list of the World's Billionaires ,˹־ѡġеBRICָBrazilRussia˹, IndiaӡȺ Chinaйĸң“BRIC”ש(brick)ƣʳΪ“שĹ”